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Starting this week we’ll be taking The Celtic Exchange Weekly in an exciting new direction as we ask you the listeners to play a bigger part than ever before in a brand new feature of the show.

The support we’ve had since launching during the 2020/21 season has been exceptional and is the main reason the show continues to grow as we now approach two years on the mics.

The Celtic Exchange has evolved notably in that time and regular listeners will know that in addition to the free Weekly Show we now offer comprehensive match content with pre & post-match episodes for each and every Celtic game, via our Celtic Exchange Plus subscription offering.

Up until now the Weekly Show format has generally included a review of Celtic’s most recent game, a look ahead at our forthcoming fixtures, and a discussion on the news making the headlines that week in Celtic.

That’s all about to change!

With our detailed match previews and reviews now available to listeners at The Celtic Exchange Plus (more info at we’ll be switching up the focus of the Weekly Show, and from this week onward that will have a whole new look and feel.


Launching this week, the Weekly Show will incorporate a series of new features, and one which we’re delighted to introduce is a section of the show allowing listeners to put forward their most pressing questions or discussion points on Celtic for us to then debate on the show.

This is your opportunity to lead the direction of the Weekly Show (or at least part of it!) and for your voice and opinions to be heard on the most compelling matters at Celtic at any given time.

The question or comment you submit can be whatever is most important to you and we’ll then spend part of the show covering it in detail as the team debate your question.

We’re taking new questions NOW ahead of this week’s show (to be recorded on Monday evening) so why not be amongst the first to take part and you could be featuring on our all new show in the days ahead.

This week’s episode will be the first chance for listeners to hear the all new format of the show and as always we’re keen to hear your feedback at any point. On that note, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our socials or by email ( to let us know what you think.


This part couldn’t be easier and you have two ways to do so.

  1. You’ll see a small microphone icon inside a green circle in the bottom right corner of this article. Simply click on the icon and leave us a short voicemail with your question or comments.With your permission we’ll then feature the voice clip you send on the Weekly Show
  1. If you’d prefer not to leave a voice clip but would still like your question debated then email me directly at with your question, your name and your location and we’ll then read this out on the show.


As the name suggests, The Celtic Exchange is a place for us as fans to exchange viewpoints and opinions on  the club that means so much to us all.

It’s now time for our listeners to join the debate and we look forward to answering your questions in the weeks and months ahead!

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