Celtic Must Respond To Cup KO ASAFP

Daizen Maeda and Brendan Rodgers Following The Kilmarnock defeat

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When trying to find positives from the defeat at Rugby Park – a tricky task in itself – one such blessing may just be the fact that such an abject performance occurred so early in the campaign.

Giving up one of last season’s hard fought Treble Trophies in such meek fashion doesn’t sit easily with anyone but if you had to hand pick a game to fall short in it may well have been Sunday’s League Cup loss.

The defeat will have hurt Brendan Rodgers as much as any of the supporters and sees his incredible record of never having lost a domestic cup tie as Celtic Manager disappear in one painful 90 minutes.

However if you were to press him – or any of us – on the biggest priority this season then retaining the Scottish Premiership title would surely be top of the list.

It would represent a third consecutive title, but crucially would grant us automatic entry to the soon to be revamped Champions League, and with it the increased finances it would bring.


That said, its all well and good having untold riches, but what use are they to you as a football club if you’re reluctant to part with it when it comes to investing in your squad.

That’s the concern amongst so many of the fans right now, and whilst I’m willing to reserve full judgement until the window closes at midnight next Friday it’s definitely giving cause for concern.

The Celtic board must back the manager and show that their ambitions match his, and those of the wider fanbase.

The good news for all of us is that there’s still time to do so, but the club need to act swiftly.

Brendan Rodgers After Kilmarnock Defeat
Brendan Rodgers Loses His First Domestic Cup Game As Celtic Manager

The defeat by Kilmarnock will surely provide a timely reminder to Michael Nicholson and his colleagues that high quality additions are needed as a matter of urgency with the first Glasgow Derby of the season and our opening Champions League game firmly on the horizon.

From Rodgers’ point of view – regardless of his ever growing injury list – he must find a way to make his new side tick, and fast.

Two wins from the opening two league games of the campaign may have papered over the cracks with Celtic far from their free flowing best against either Ross County or Aberdeen, but Sunday may just be the wake up call that all involved need.

Rodgers will want to do things his way, there’s no doubt about that, and Angeball has been well and truly consigned to the history books at Celtic Park.

That’s the manger’s prerogative but if he is to play in his own style then it’s a must that his players quickly get on board with whatever that looks like, with recent displays lacking in any sort of clear identity.

For now there seems to be something of a disconnect within the football department and it’s the responsibility of the manager and his players to find that winning connection once again.

And quickly.

For Callum McGregor and the other senior players in the dressing room the responsibility is theirs every bit as much as the manager and there’s no time like Saturday’s home game with St Johnstone to right some of the wrongs.

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