Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Celtic Are Here By Luck

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The say the harder you work the luckier you get.

And with Celtic on the cusp of securing a 12th Scottish league title in 13 seasons Brendan Rodgers has fired a timely reminder of just how hard he has been working to keep the club at the forefront of Scottish football.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s 2-1 win over Rangers he took the opportunity to unleash on those who had accused him of “going through the motions” since his return to the club. He informed those in attendance of the 12-hour days he routinely undertakes at Lennoxtown and of his general obsession with football.

It’s clearly something the manager has been sitting on in recent months and there was no better time to take his shot.

Though his Celtic side have yet to mathematically seal the title it would take something unthinkable to prevent the trophy heading to the East End for a third successive season and Rodgers and his players deserve all the credit going for such an achievement.

Whatever anyone says you simply cannot fluke your way to a title during a 38-game season and I’d suggest anyone who says otherwise is being disingenuous.

Don’t get me wrong, exciting as the title race has been – particularly in the latter half of the campaign – this Celtic vintage of 2023-24 perhaps won’t go down as one of the greatest teams in our history.

However, in terms of resilience, desire and a winning mentality then Callum McGregor and his team-mates can be rightly proud of their efforts.

That’s not to say they lack quality too and if you care to revisit Matt O’Riley’s goal at the weekend you’ll see his left-footed strike was the culmination of a crisp sequence of 14 passes after James Tavernier had given up possession midway inside Celtic’s half.

Celtic’s dominance over Rangers this season has been clear to see, with three wins and a draw proving pivotal in the position they now find themselves.

Adam Idah Has Played A Vital Role In Celtic's Title Run-In
Adam Idah Has Played A Vital Role In Celtic’s Title Run-In

What can’t be forgotten though is the sheer grit and determination that also saw late Adam Idah-inspired wins over Motherwell and Hibs in February with both games seemingly destined for a draw.

These, among others, were undoubtedly title-winning results.

Celtic need to remain focused on the challenges that Kilmarnock and St Mirren present in these last two games of the league campaign.

If the manager’s comments are anything to go by however there’s next to no chance of complacency setting in for his players as they aim to cross the finish line in style.

Watch Celtic v Kilmarnock – The Countdown To Kick Off Show now ahead of tomorrow’s crucial game at Rugby Park.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Celtic Are Here By Luck”

  1. ‘Whatever anyone says, you cannot simply fluke yourself to a title during a 38 game season and I’d say anyone who says otherwise is simply being disingenuous’.
    I agree totally. In 1998 they said we fluked it; in 2005 we said they fluked it. Both wrong.

  2. I think it has been overlooked to a fair degree, that we are on the verge of securing yet another title, all the while we were in transition mode for most of the season imo?
    We secured our historic treble under Ange and mainly with the 16 match day players he hugely depended upon so much, and the same rotation with the subs used, in the 2nd half of last season.
    Yet we started this season with 5 of those 16 players going to contribute nothing towards our league triumph this season?
    Through the course of the season, another 3 of Ange squad fringe players have been dismissed by Rodgers?
    And possibly another 3 from that 16 treble winning team in Hart, Oreily and Oh, will not be with ourselves next season either?
    So therefore since the end of last season and by the start of next season, the best part of the 16 players of our historic treble winning team, will no longer be with ourselves imo?
    Along with a good few of the fringe players within that squad also?
    So therefore, we should be looking at a proper Rodgers team and squad next season imo?
    Biggest criticism regarding Rodgers from myself this season, was getting the remaining players from our treble winning team, to play at the same standards with the consistency they showed under Ange, but wasn’t been produced under Rodgers for huge chunks of the season imo?
    It only really took until the pressure was on at the business end, that we finally flexed our muscles, that the quality finally began to show, with performances and results, finally being delivered in a manner that I thought and expected far earlier within our season of inconsistencies?
    So can fully understand that Rodgers had a far bigger job upon his hands when returning to the club, than many had given him credit for taking on imo?
    With the amount of transition going on, and new arrivals, along with previous fringe squad players, not really going to be within the plans of Rodgers for next season?
    Some amount of changes have had to be dealt with, already throughout the course of this season?
    But still remain confident that Rodgers will end up with a squad more to his liking next season, and therefore should be able to produce far better in performance and consistency levels next season imo?
    The overall structure within the club looks far healthier at the end of this season, compared to a year ago when so many question marks regarding management and our 16 players we depended so hugely upon last season?
    So yes Rodgers has had to put plenty of work in this season, to not only deliver this season but hopefully to get the overall club on a better and stronger footing for many seasons ahead of ourselves, even if them benefits weren’t on show in performance levels for big chunks of this season imo?
    Actually believe in Rodgers and his 3 year plan he’s looking for within the club, and thinking they will be more beneficial for ourselves next season than this one coming to an end imo?
    The main objective still remains at becoming more competitive wthin the CL stages?
    Still believe this is the main goal for Rodgers, even if some amount of work is still required within recruitment to get our squad up to such levels?
    Having a decent team to compete at such levels is not enough if you haven’t got the depth within the squad to be able to match the demands of the amount of games over the course of a season?
    At a total guess, I would say Rodgers will be more involved in identifying players for next season, compared to last summer imo?
    So Rodgers has made many a questionable decision making through the season, so hopefully his decision making over the summer also improves imo?
    So if the hard work being put in behind the scenes does pay off for Rodgers, then huge amounts of success still will be delivered under his role as manager within the club imo?

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