“It’s The First Time I Really Had To Consider Why I Supported Celtic”

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Why are you a Celtic fan?

If you’re reading this then it’s fair to presume that you ARE indeed a fan, but when, and how did that come to be?

For many of us we didn’t have a great deal of say in the matter, with the tradition being passed down through family in many cases.

And to a great extent that can answer the “how” and “when” elements of the question.

But as we enter our teens and beyond we perhaps think more and more about the “why”.

It’s a question that’s been discussed with many of our guests on our new “CSC Stories” series, but not one that I and possibly many of us have truly stopped and thought about.

For Brian Degning however – a founder member of the newly formed Swindon CSC – it’s a question he’s been asked at various points since swapping Glasgow for the south east of England.

“I moved (to Swindon) about four and a half years ago now and one of the interesting things that people would ask is why do you support Celtic?

It was kind of the first time I’d ever actually been asked, because in Glasgow people just assume it’s either because your mum and dad supported them, or its the school you went to or whatever.

But down here it’s the first time I really had to consider why I supported Celtic.

And when I started to vocalise it and spoke about the romanticism around the club, and the ethos around the club, and how proud I was to talk about it, it really made that connection that bit stronger just vocalising it.”

For fellow member Eddie Gordon, originally from Possilpark, his feelings about the club are equally strong.

“I’m really proud to be a Celtic fan.

We all know the story of how Celtic was born in the east end to feed the local community and I don’t think that’s something you give away lightly.

We all do things for our children that we hope progresses their lives in times to come, but I won’t forget my gran or my grandad or their grandad who had it really hard, and really struggled.

Eddie And His Son At Celtic Park in May 2022
Eddie And His Son At Celtic Park in May 2022

And as we go move on through the generations things hopefully get a wee bit better for everybody.

But I can’t leave that behind, how hard they would have struggled, and for me the club represents them.

And I’m very proud of that.”


A Recent Gathering Of The Swindon CSC
A Recent Gathering Of The Swindon CSC

Eddie and Brian have played a pivotal role in the formation of the Swindon CSC, a group who only formally got off the ground in December of last year.

So as one of the newest CSCs around, what are Brian’s hopes for the years ahead?

“What I hope is that the club continues to expand and regardless what happens I hope we keep the same passion and desire to drive it.

You want to build that sense of family and community. Not just around the football, but around life and the community.

And I hope that’s something that continues to grow.

If we act in the right manner, with the right passion, the right enthusiasm and the right drive I think all that will come.”

We’ve no doubt that with the passion of guys like Brian, Eddie and many others who were mentioned during our discussion that the Swindon CSC will grow from strength to strength.

Our thanks and best wishes to them for the years ahead.

If you’d like us to feature your CSC as part of our “CSC Stories” then reach out on social media or email tino@thecelticexchange.com

To enjoy the full episode with Brian and Eddie of the Swindon CSC you can listen now wherever you get your podcasts, or by clicking the player below.

Alternatively you can watch the episode on The Celtic Exchange YouTube Channel.

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