Angie Gave Us James McGrory & Paul McStay

The Celtic Exchange: Celtic Football Club in Focus
The Celtic Exchange: Celtic Football Club in Focus
Angie Gave Us James McGrory & Paul McStay

They say a week’s a long time in football and it’s fair to say that a lot has happened in Celtic world in the 7 days since our last episode.

Eddie Howe is now yesterday’s man as the “done deal” that everyone at the club was so relaxed about (apparently) has now come un-done, leaving us with no permanent manager to speak of for the 14th consecutive week! Consistent if nothing else!

But fret not Celtic fans as big Angie Postecoglou has been biding his time in the J-League waiting for the call, and seems set to come to our rescue in the coming days. And here’s us thinking we were in trouble for a minute too.

Not many of us will have had much information on the 55 year old Australian before Friday, but thanks to twitter and our mate’s brother in Melbourne we too now have a very sketchy knowledge of the man destined to take us back to the very top.

Tino, Paddy & James took to the mics this week to try and make some sense of the last few days.


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