The Battle To Save Celtic: Part 4 – Tom Grant, Ex-Celtic Director

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The Battle To Save Celtic: Part 4 - Tom Grant, Ex-Celtic Director

🟢 30 years ago this very month Scots-Canadian businessman Fergus McCann swept into Celtic Park and secured the clubs very existence with an eleventh hour investment that would alter the course of Celtic’s history for ever.

A move such as that however can’t be engineered by just one man and many figures played a key role in what eventually took place on that day back on the 4th of March 1994.

🍀 In this special new series by The Celtic Exchange we speak to some of those individuals as we bring you the inside stories of what unfolded during that incredible time in Celtic history.

We’re covering the story from all angles and that’s epitomised in Part 4 as we speak with Tom Grant, a Director on Celtic’s “Old Board” from 1985 until the takeover in 1994, and a man who can tell the story of how it all unfolded from INSIDE the corridors of Celtic Park.

Tom was one of the few individuals who retained a place in Fergus’ new regime, having ultimately backed “the rebels” in those crucial final days and talks of the tumultuous few years that led to the ’94 takeover.

As part of the new look Celtic took on the role of Stadium Manager, playing a key part in delivering Fergus McCann’s vision of the 60,000 all-seater stadium we see today.

💪 The Battle To Save Celtic is a new mini-series by The Celtic Exchange marking 30 years since Fergus McCann’s takeover of Celtic in March 1994 .


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