The Celtic Exchange: Bringing You Closer to Celtic

The Celtic Exchange: Celtic Football Club in Focus
The Celtic Exchange: Bringing You Closer to Celtic

The Celtic Exchange is a weekly podcast bringing you an informed, insightful and entertaining look at all things Celtic Football Club, on and off the park.

New episodes are released every Tuesday and each week our panel debate and dissect the biggest topics at the club, with no subject off limits!

Also included as part of your weekly Celtic fix from us are regular features such as Listener’s Questions, the week in Celtic media, and our #MysteryCelt

Celtic Football Club is a unique and special club with a fan base which reaches all corners of the globe, and at The Celtic Exchange we’ll ensure that no matter where you are Celtic Park never feels far away.

In addition to the weekly show we also provide pre and post match episodes for EVERY Celtic game to subscribers, as well as special episodes featuring ex-players, coaches and journalists.

More information on that can be found at 

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