Archie Macpherson | Part 1: More Than A Game – Living With The Celtic vs Rangers Rivalry

Archie Macpherson is a bonafide Scottish Football icon having began his career as a broadcaster with the BBC over 60 years ago.

His time in the game has brought him into close contact with many legendary figures – including some of the greatest Celts of all time – and in part 1 of our exclusive 3 part series he talks candidly about the Celtic Rangers rivalry and how its evolved since his earliest memory of the fixture, way back in 1949.

His highly acclaimed book on the subject, “More Than A Game” centres on the ‘Hampden Riots’ of 1980, following a Scottish Cup Final clash between the two sides, but also features the gritty details of some of the most significant meetings of the two – on and off the park – over the decades.

🎙️ Join Tino for this special mini-series with broadcaster, writer and Scottish Football icon Archie Macpherson.

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