Behind The 2023 Summer Transfer Window | With Anthony Joseph, Sky Sports News

Anthony Joseph of Sky Sports News - Celtic Exchange Plus

So another transfer window has now come and gone but how did Celtic perform across the summer as Brendan Rodgers made his return to the club?

Has the manager been suitably backed? Are there ongoing concerns about the squad? And how are we now shaping up ahead of another Champions League campaign?

To help us answer all of those questions and more we spent some time with Anthony Joseph of Sky Sports to give you the inside track on Celtic’s various dealings this time around.

The players we got, the ones we missed out on, and the ones who have now been shown the door in what turned out to be a busier summer than we realised was necessary for the Treble Champions.

Anthony also revealed an exciting transfer extension offer that the club are working on which would bring a welcome boost during the international break, so enjoy all of that and more as we once again go behind the transfer window!

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