Bend It Like Brattbakk – The 25th Anniversary of Stopping The Ten | With Writer Jim Orr & Actor James McAnerney

Harald Brattbakk - Stopping The Ten

Almost 25 years ago to this very day, a young Norwegian striker named Harald Brattbakk stepped into the path of a Jackie McNamara cross, steered the ball into the back of the St Johnstone net, and in doing so firmly cemented his place in Celtic’s history books for all eternity!

The date was the 9th of May 1998 and as we all know this was the day that Wim Jansen’s Celtic “Stopped the Ten” thanks in large to Scandanavian Strikers Henrik Larsson and Harald Brattbakk.

Now, almost a quarter of a century later we were joined by writer Jim Orr, and actor James McAnerney as they prepare to return with the “Bend It Like Brattbakk” play to celebrate one of the most important seasons in our modern history!

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