CSC Stories #3 – Expanding The Celtic Story Down Motown Way | Detroit CSC

🎙️🍀 Welcome to a new collection of recordings by The Celtic Exchange where we explore the tales of Celtic fans across the globe by speaking to Celtic Supporters Clubs near and far in the coming months.

This week we’re delighted to be joined by Sean Kelly, founder of the Detroit CSC. A passionate fan from the US who following enjoyable experiences at both the France CSC and Windsor CSC decided to set up the very first CSC in his home state of Michigan.

Through the Detroit CSC Sean has a clear and inspiring mission to “make the world a better place through football” and as you’ll see they’re doing exactly that in Celtic’s name, approximately 3,484 miles from Paradise!

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⚽ This series was inspired by “Football Without Fans” – the definitive guide to Celtic Supporters Clubs across the globe. Written and compiled by David McIntyre.

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