The Battle To Save Celtic: Part 8 – Not The View Fanzine (Gerry Dunbar & ‘Average’ Joe Miller)

🟢 As we’ve covered in The Battle To Save Celtic series so far, the early 90s were a treacherous time for Celtic on and off the park, as the club found itself lurching from one crisis to the next.

Fans were up in arms at what was going on, but in those pre-internet times had few places to express their viewpoints.

Not The View Fanzine was created in 1987 and quickly became a fans favourite due to its humorous take on all things Celtic, whilst also providing a voice for regular Celtic supporters.

As we continue to cover the story of that time from all angles we were delighted to be joined by Gerry Dunbar and Joe Miller who tell us more about the origins of NTV as well as the part it played in The Battle To Save Celtic.

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