Are Celtic Now Being Refereed To A Different Standard?

The way that Celtic have been refereed across the years in Scottish Football has been questioned at various times.

And for good reason.

However we’re now well in to the era of VAR in Scottish Football and have seemingly now moved into a whol;e new realm of baffling decisions.

In the 10 games since VAR was introduced we’ve now witnessed a catalogue of blatant and bizarre decisions that have gone against Celtic.

In football some decisions you’ll get and some you won’t – and we’re ok with that – but it’s the sheer lack of consistency and transparency we’ve seen from the SFA in their operation of the technology.

The suggestion is that the club are speaking with the SFA in private about the matter, but wouldn’t be holding our breath for a dramatic improvement anytime soon.

The discussion is taken from “The Big Topic” section of the latest episode of The Celtic Exchange Weekly.

Listen to the episode in full now at:

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