The Celtic Exchange Weekly: #28: Football Without the Fans (Media) is Nothing

Ange Postecoglou and Dom McKay gave their first official press conferences as Celtic Manager and CEO on Friday and as impressive as their answers were much of the focus since has been on the input and the value of Fan Media (such as ourselves) at such an event.

There’s been a notable backlash from the mainstream media itself, which is perhaps no huge surprise, but also from some fans of the club, which is a bit more disappointing to see.

We go big on the topic on this week’s episode and fight the corner for the concept of Fan Media and the value that it can add to the Celtic media space.

Like a lot of things in life the media you consume is a choice. If you like what the Fan Media groups are doing and that’s a good fit for you then that’s great. And if you don’t, and would rather seek an alternative media source, then that too is fine. Find what work’s best for you. No abuse necessary.

That aside we take some time to cover some of the strong and encouraging statements made by Ange and Dom McKay and what they could mean for the club and the fans in the season ahead.

Genuine optimism seems to be slowly (but surely) returning to the club. Here’s hoping we’re at the dawn of an exciting new era.


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