What’s Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic Legacy? Should History Look Upon His Achievements Kindly?

No one can deny the success that Brendan Rodgers brought to Celtic during his relatively short reign as manager of the club.

He set the wheels in motion for what would become an historic Quadruple Treble – picking up 7 of those 12 trophies during his time in Scottish Football – and by playing some incredible football during that time.

What’s also synonymous with his time here however is the abrupt nature of his departure, as he surprised everyone by making a mid season move to Premier League side Leicester City in February 2019.

Many fans still can’t forgive him for making such a move and the question of his “Celtic Legacy” will continue to be debated for years to come.

The very question was put to us by Danny McGhee of County Monaghan in last week’s episode of The Celtic Exchange Weekly and the ensuing debate can be enjoyed here.

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