Why Celtic Can’t Afford NOT To Be at The New Champions League Table

From season 2024/25 there will be a new Champions League format in place and speaking at last week’s AGM, Celtic’s Chief Financial Officer Chris McKay outlined just how important it is for the club to be there.

Our recent financials confirmed that the club are currently in a healthy place following the challenges of Covid but much of our revenue in general comes from two key areas.

Player trading, and consistent participation at the top end of European football.

The revamped Champions League format will see more teams, more games and crucially more opportunities to generate income via sponsorship, tv rights and gate receipts.

We discuss the vital importance of becoming a regular participant in Europe’s top club tournament:

– The ability to attract a higher calibre of player
– The opportunity to develop existing players
– A substantial revenue stream
– A chance to bridge the gap between Celtic and other top clubs

This discussion was part of the latest episode of The Celtic Exchange as we covered some of the key headlines to emerge from the recent club AGM.

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